Joseph John Mark Bowe (1989) known as Joe Bowe (JB.) is a British painter who has lived most of his life in the Netherlands. His journey as a painter started in 2005 in Utrecht and now lives&works in Nieuwegein as well as Houten (2 towns just outside Utrecht). 

So much of his work is abstract or semi-abstract and over the years he has also developed a style he personally refers to as "Canvas Sculpture." where he uses objects and certain materials within the canvas. 

He does not limit himself within his expression. 

Over the years he has bin involved in different forms of expression including a music collaboration known as "Mixed Sense" and has also done some acting aswell as writing&drawing. 

Expression is his way of life...

His studio in Houten is a cell block that consists of 4 old jail cells in an old police station that he has turned into an installation. Each cell is full of his art with paint&text allover the walls! He has transformed this space from restriction into freedom of expression.

His cell block studio is in Kunsthuis Houten next to Houten train station. (De Slinger 2, 3995 DE Houten)

Feel free to get into contact with him to visit one of his studios and to see his art in real and to meet him in person.

If you are interested in any of his work >>>prices are negotiable!

Lets connect!

Mobile number : 0649355120

Email address: 

Instagram: joebowe_expression 

Studio Nieuwegein: Fokkesteeg

"I can see potential in every thing being a piece of Art, so therefore to me everything is Art."    JB.

   -        "I am Expression."  *